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"I don’t know! I don’t know what his plans are — what they were!”
"Then why did you go along with them?" Her voice was soft but merciless.
"Because he was my
father!” Gabriel shouted. He spun away from Charlotte, his breath becoming ragged in his throat. Only barely aware of what he was doing, he wrapped his arms around himself, hugging his own body tight, as if he could keep himself from coming undone.


TMI AU: The Last of the Herondales

"Jonathan-" Tessa started.

But Jace cut her off violently. “Stop calling me that!” Tessa stared as Jace tries to compose himself, a view not new to her.

"I’m Jace Lightwood. I’m no Herondale, I barely knew my family."

Tessa smiled kindly at him, “You may not have known them, Jace. But you are Herondale, you are a warrior like they are, you fiercely protect those you love at the cost of your own life. You are a Herondale, Jace. You are last of the Herondales, and I am very proud of you.”

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Witch up.

Alec: Please, I can read your face like a very open, very pornographic book. I wish I couldn't.
Jace: Is this your way if telling me to shut my face?


i dont date in high school because no one is rich yet so whats the point

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The Infernal Devices vector art (x)

“You have to let it be free to change”

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